16 February 2016


Finland's pulp and paper industry production grew 0.2% in 2015. Production of softwood sawn timber decreased 2.7%

The figures for pulp and paperboard were clearly more positive than other forest industry statistics, with production volumes growing in both categories, said the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF).

The year 2015 was mixed for forest industry production. Fresh information on the industry's past year emphasizes how much a rapid leap in competitiveness is needed, FFIF said.

Last year's greatest decrease in production was recorded for softwood sawn timber which fell 2.7% short of the volume produced in 2014. In all, some 10.6 million cubic metres of softwood sawn timber was produced. For its part, paper production contracted 2.6% to 7.3 million tonnes. Pulp production nonetheless increased 1.7% to a total of 7.1 million tonnes. Paperboard production was up 3.6% to 3.1 million tonnes.

Paperboard production grew to 810,000 tonnes in the fourth quarter, which is no less than 6.6% more than in the corresponding period of 2014. Pulp production increased four per cent in the final quarter and came to 1.9 million tonnes.

Softwood sawn timber production decreased 0.5% in October-December, however, and totalled 2.7 million cubic metres. Paper production in the last part of the year was 2.3% lower than in 2014, totalling 1.8 million tonnes in the fourth quarter.