12 December 2018


New Scientist editor Emily Wilson has predicted that while she is the first ever woman editor of the magazine since it launched in 1956, “soon it will be the first robot editor”.

Wilson was made editor in January this year, having previously worked for the Daily Mail and the Guardian newspapers, including a spell as Guardian Australia editor-in-chief.

Wilson hopes to take New Scientist out to more readers in the world.

She said: “I think that anyone anywhere in the world who cares about science, the environment and technology, and speaks English, is a potential New Scientist reader.”

She also believes that people from the age of ten to 70 get “loads out this magazine”, as it focuses on ideas, innovations and discoveries. “So I want to get it to more people”, she said.

Her aim is to focus on “more digital” and engage with more people online.

On her appointment as editor, she said: “Soon it will be the first robot editor and the first robot CEO, but for now, it’s about women and other kinds of minorities”.