07 December 2021


JICMail (Joint Industry Committee for Mail), has released its data for Q3 2021, a period that saw mail drive record amounts of tablet and smartphone usage.

The data covering the period from July to September 2021 found that for the first time mail had triggered more smartphone and tablet engagement than phone calls.

Direct mail with distinct customer oriented creative content was found to have been highly effective at driving mobile usage – of which online banking is a large part. 11% of direct mail containing appointment related information drives mobile usage, and direct mail containing product notifications and reminders drives a similar level of mobile effectiveness.

The data also found that the ‘new normal’ in mail’s effectiveness at driving digital actions that surfaced a year ago has shown no sign of dissipating a year later. 9% of mail drives consumers to advertiser websites, 6% to seek out new information about a brand online, while 5% prompts consumers to look up their account details.

Volumes on the JICMail panel have continued to increase as the market rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic, with door drops recording an 18% increase in volumes year-on-year. A rebound in travel and tourism activity in the summer months, plus telecoms sector activity drove this improved door drops position.

JICMail reported that the typical piece of direct mail was interacted with 4.35 times on average in Q3, and shared with 1.12 people per household.