08 December 2021


Stora Enso announced an expansion of its packaging offering with a new portfolio of bio-based foams from wood.

The products are fully recyclable and can be used for protective and thermal packaging.

Stora Enso's offering consists of Fibrease™ and Papira®. Both foams come with versatile technical and sustainability properties, and customers can select a suitable foam based on their specific packaging requirements. The foams can be used for protecting fragile goods and are optimal for thermal packaging of temperature sensitive products.

Fibrease is commercially available now, while the pilot plant for producing Papira has started operations at the Fors site in Sweden, following the investment announced in August 2020.

"Consumers of today are pushing to minimise the use of plastic and maximise recyclability. At the same time, the need for packaging protection is increasing due to growing demands in e-commerce and cold-chain logistics," said Markus Mannström, EVP Biomaterials at Stora Enso. "With our bio-based foams we help customers create eco-friendly and circular packaging solutions, while also meeting material performance needs to protect and insulate the goods."

Stora Enso's new pilot plant aims to evaluate and validate Papira as a packaging foam in customer tests. Stora Enso's Fors site in Sweden, where the Papira pilot facility is located, produces lightweight paperboards for consumer packaging.