16 December 2022


Waterstones has opened a new bookshop in High Holborn in London, its 13th new store of 2022.

The High Holborn bookshop follows new shops in Rushden Lakes, Lichfield, Belfast Forestside, London’s Broadgate, Enniskillen, Fareham Whiteley and Martlesham — all locations new to Waterstones.

It has also opened a new Hatchards bookshop in Cheltenham and four new bookshops which are relocations as old shops closed in Southport, Swindon, Oldham and Glasgow Braehead.

Kate Skipper, chief operating officer, said: “We have had 12 highly successful openings so far this year and are delighted to have managed to open a 13th new bookshop just in time for Christmas. Those with a long memory will remember the Waterstones on High Holborn, a fantastically busy bookshop. We are now pleased to return to this very fast paced location.”

The new bookshop was previously occupied by New Look and is located close to Holborn Underground station. Jade Rose, the manager of the new store, said: “Our new bookshop will be a wonderful addition to this bustling central London neighbourhood. We have had to work really hard to get it open so quickly and could not be more pleased to have such a beautiful space in which to welcome our customers.”

Luke Taylor, retail director, added: “This year has been an exceptionally busy year for us opening new bookshops. We have been busy across the United Kingdom, with an especially welcome major expansion to our presence in Northern Ireland. We are very thankful to our bookselling teams who have worked tirelessly to produce so many, and so excellent, new bookshops.”